Teams are units of performance. The ability of teams to generate results together is one of the biggest opportunities (and potential costs) in organisations.  In many of our clients we find teams who are newly restructured, have lost their way or simply haven’t had the time and space to work on their own effectiveness.

UpReach consultants take teams through a structured process to get clear on:

  • Team Purpose
  • Team Disciplines
  • Team Values and Standards of Behaviour

We build a culture of collaboration, trust and openness.

We approach our work with teams in the same spirit as all our work and that means we turn up wholeheartedly in support of the leader and members of the team. Our team coaches and facilitators take time to build insight before they design the right intervention for you. We are always asking our clients and ourselves  “What does this team really need right now?”

UpReach team development interventions range widely and are always designed for purpose. They have included:

  • Business-like workshops to get work done on live projects
  • Deep emotional intelligence sessions to help people connect at a personal level
  • Sessions that focus on resilience and well-being and that bond the team through exercise and mutual encouragement
  • Developmental sessions focused on learning new leadership skills together

Our coaches and consultants are qualified in a range of tools to support teams and leaders such as Hogan, Shadow Work, Firo B, MBTI, Hay Influencing Styles, Emotional Intelligence Inventory and Harthill Leadership Development Framework.

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