Results that speak for themselves

Here are a selection of testimonials from happy clients.  We have strong trusting partnerships with our clients, so much so that they’d be glad to talk with you about what we did, how we did it, and of course, the results they achieved.

“The development of our leaders is a key strategic priority for the organisation over the next few years. In UpReach we have found a partner who can use their expertise, particularly in leadership and coaching, and match this with a true understanding of our business, in order to deliver an excellent programme. The programme has been a great success with excellent feedback, and has definitely had a positive business impact . We look forward to continuing our work with UpReach as we continue to develop our future talent.”
HR Director, (Telecoms  & IT)

“We engaged UpReach to support the newly assembled Leadership Team through a period of significant expansion.  We needed more than the strategic plan, the team would have to provide the type of leadership that would only be possible through a deep understanding of the principles of leadership and their application in the service of the teams they would lead.
The effect on the organisation has been profound as the investment in these key individuals has improved their understanding of themselves and allowed them to lead in a way that enables high performance; the capability of the organisation has definitely improved as a result. The coaching programme was well founded, met our needs and has been well delivered; it has been one of the most cost effective investments we have made.”
Managing Director,  (UK Services LLP)

“The UpReach team are an inspirational group to work with. They bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise at knowing how to get the most out of you and your teams. They are truly refreshing and find unique ways of working to ensure that the process delivers real in depth change to the business.
Expect to be challenged and expect to enjoy the journey. I recommend them wholeheartedly!”
Group Sales Director (Global Telecoms)

“We looked to UpReach for help during a critical period of change for our organization. We were developing a suite of new messaging for our organization to drive our business forward and we wanted to devise the most effective forum through which we could communicate these new core messages to our sales teams, help them to assimilate the information as quickly as possible and, critically, feel involved and engaged in the process rather than feeling that messaging was being forced down their throats. After planning workshops with the UpReach team, we ran a series of highly interactive immersion days. Although exhausting, the sessions proved to be highly effective, the feedback from our teams was fantastic and I consider that the investment has more than delivered a return. I would not hesitate to recommend UpReach.”
 Chief Technology Officer (Global IT and Telecoms)

“Leadership and change are somewhat ethereal subjects in business and when I first started working with the UpReach team I would find myself fretting if I could spare the time on them or if I should get back to more tangible work. After a meeting or workshops together I always concluded that the time spent was as productive as any other and that the focus in this area has to increase to ensure we continue to deliver results. UpReach have supported me in my own growth, my teams development and  on-going performance coaching. They are open and honest, have deep knowledge and clearly targeted actions that will lead to tangible results. I will continue to work with Waqar and the team as they are the best in the market at what they do.”
 Global Business Director (Global Internet Services)

“I employed the services of UpReach initially to assist with my own personal development, as a team leader, and to take some guidance on how to grow and develop the people in the company alongside the growth in our business. It has developed into a relationship where we now use the services of UpReach to run group days for the worldwide team and the benefits have been felt across the board. Being a small and flexible entity, we require very close adhesion between the team members, and the lessons learnt from the techniques employed by UpReach have helped us to develop as a team, and also given me better insight as a leader to carry the group and the business forward.”
Managing Director, (Global Oil and Gas)