Founded in 2006 by Waqar Siraj, UpReach is a development consultancy with a wealth of experience in consulting, design and delivery of large development and people performance programmes. Our expertise is varied and ranges from global change consulting and programme design to intact team performance, coaching and facilitation

We care about what we do and take pride in providing the best quality of service time after time.
We are ruthless with our own self development and are clear that to continue to be the best in the market means growing within ourselves and growing with our clients.


Below are some of the core team you will work with.

Waqar Siraj: Founder

As the founder of UpReach, I look after our client partnerships, head up leadership programmes and am responsible for our service culture and performance practice.

My strong commercial experience in the fast-paced internet world provides a great foundation for my development work. I’ve worked with a wide range of clients all over the world from large finance, FMCG and hi-tech companies to fast moving start ups. I have designed, facilitated and led on leadership and global culture change programmes and keep a close eye on how all of this accelerates our clients’ business performance.

I have strong expertise in emotional and social intelligence, I am often called upon to help enhance performance through transformational change; unlocking potential in leaders and teams, developing deeper levels of insight and purpose.

My mission is to help leaders create deeply purposeful organisations that enable people to be healthy and perform at their very best. When you work with me you get deep commitment, wholehearted support and approaches which may involve the medium of sport, arts and music to break down the conventional business norms.

Gregor Findlay: Consultant and Head Coach

As an experienced executive and team coach, I help leaders and their teams achieve significant shifts in their personal and collective performance. I am responsible for our coaching development practice.

I had a thirteen year career in the dynamic high tech sector, with a strong commercial focus.  I’ve coached over 200 leaders to make real progress through a consistent and highly pragmatic approach so they can execute change fast.

I’m on a continual journey of personal and professional development and my expertise is wide and varied – from a degree in psychology, certification in multiple psychometrics to hundreds of hours of development across fields as varied as neuroscience and systems thinking.

My mission is to help people be the best that they can be as leaders and team members.  I believe that leaders have a fundamental role in shifting our collective culture.  My role is to provide a safe space where people can grow into their best selves at work.

Karen Lynn: Senior Delivery Consultant

As a senior consultant I work closely with our clients to plan, design and deliver activities that help enhance performance at individual, team and business level.

My experience is drawn from working for many years within Big Four consultancy firms and operating at Board Level as an HR Director within the FMCG sector. My more recent assignments have been with key players in the financial services, software, retail, arts and entertainment sectors where I have supported those businesses across significant cultural change.

My expertise lies in getting to grips very quickly with a client’s needs, both at a business and individual basis, and applying my knowledge and experience of change and leadership development to support companies through their initiatives in a creative, organised, enjoyable and effective manner.

My mission is to facilitate positive change outcomes in organisations and, importantly, ensure the key client contacts feel enhanced and engaged by the process.

Liam Moore: Well Being and Performance Consultant

As head of well-being and performance I am responsible for advising our clients and our consultants on the physical and mental health aspects of leadership and team excellence.

My experience has developed from many years as an educator, competing at a high level in various sports (including semi-professional rugby and the GB CrossFit team), coaching all abilities and training elite athletes to perform at their peak. Leadership, engagement, commitment and fitness were fundamental components of my rugby success. At my CrossFit Gym I run our corporate athlete and personal mastery programmes.

My knowledge and core principles enable me to design well structured and holistic well-being programmes and coach leaders and their teams through highly intense physical experiences that enable them to shift past perceived mental barriers.

My mission is to enable clients to perform at their best for more of the time, by helping them keep sustainably fit, healthy and agile. This feeds into creating greater levels of vitality for themselves and the people they lead.

Kate Siraj: Operations Director

Kate deals with all matters operational and financial. Her 7 years of Marketing Management at L’Oreal, her Masters in Chemistry (Oxford), and her degree in Ayurveda ensure that most eventualities are covered.

As a fully qualified practicing Ayurvedic Practitioner, Kate also helps design and run wellness programmes for UpReach.